Enugu Coal

Geometric Power is currently working on the development of 1000MW Coal fired Power Plant, (500MW in the first phase expandable to 1000MW in the second phase), in Nigeria. The inspiration for this project is based on Geometric Power’s founding philosophy of developing power projects which will result in immediate commercial advancement and development of the host community while making economic sense for the investors.

With a generation type mix of 70% Gas and 30% Hydro, Nigeria is unduly dependent on gas, including the Aba IPP, for power supply. With the underdevelopment of gas infrastructure for domestic use, gas supply is even more precarious. The country now has more installed generation capacity than can be adequately supported by available gas. Secondly though the hydro is a renewable source of energy and in fact the cheapest source, it is seasonal and the country cannot be said to be hugely endowed with hydro potentials. A situation where it is constantly used as a peaking source whenever the gas plants are down, perennially places the country in short supply even when the gas stations are up during seasons of low water levels.

Coal as fuel for the proposed power plant provides a triple edge advantage; it provides the needed diversification, cheaper overall electricity and its abundance locally effectively mitigates the fuel supply risk factor that has bedevilled gas as a source of fuel for power plants in the country.

This project is envisaged to supply power to the national grid and all classes of consumers within the country. It will also help diversify fuel source for power development for both Geometric Power and Nigeria at large.

The construction of a coal power plant provides multiple benefits to the nation, especially the people of the State where the plant will be located. A key benefit is that it provides immediate employment opportunities (for both skilled and unskilled labour) as well as infrastructural development in the area. Given the integrated nature of the project, it is expected to attract an influx of allied businesses that support both the coal mining and power plant operations. Thus, the most significant benefit when the project is commissioned will be a major economic transformation of the area.