Community & Environment

Community & Environment

Geometric Power’s mission is to “develop and invest in sustainable power projects that make economic and environmental sense and have positive impact within the community”.

The Aba Integrated Power Project includes a 141MW power plant, 4 new sub stations, 27km gas pipeline and over 110km of overhead lines which run through over 45 host communities in Abia State. The Traditional Rulers, Youths and members of our host communities have been quite supportive of the project during the development and construction phases.

GP’s goal is to provide reliable electricity that will have a positive multiplier effect on the economies of the communities we are supplying power. Our sustainable community development projects are designed to enable members of our host communities to achieve economic empowerment and growth for our host communities.

GP-OMA community 1

Presentations by the GP representatives

GP-OMA community 2


Health & Safety

At Geometric power we are not only looking towards creating energy but also creating enrergy that is not harmful to the environment. We are aware of the effects of global warming, therefore we are diligent in implementing global Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards, policies and regulations of local and international environmental agencies.

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