Power Generation


GP is a Pioneer Power Generation Company involved in medium to large scale power project; using a modern technologies to drive it delivery of power to its customers. GP has demonstrated track record and expertise in designing and maintaining cost effective power projects. In 2001, GP developed a 22MW Power Plant in Abuja FCT, which supplied uninterrupted power to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), to serve a dedicated distribution network within Abuja and its environs.


Geometric Power Aba Limited (GPAL) is an SPV established by Geometric Power as part of the Aba Integrated Power Project to generate electric power to APLE (the distribution utility company) and industrial customers in Aba .

In order to achieve this, the company will generate 188MW in the phase I and 1000MW in phase II. In addition, four new sub-stations and a 110km distribution lines are being constructed to reinforce the existing Aba distribution network. A 27km pipeline is being constructed from Owaza to the power plant site in Aba .

GPAL also plans to increase its generating capacity to 1,000MW in 2015.