As a pioneer in the private power sector, Geometric Power plays a leadership role in the emerging electricity market in Nigeria . Geometric Power has developed deep relationships with leading local and international engineering and financial institutions. Geometric Power offers the following services:


  • Integrated power development
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Advisory services
  • Training
  • Workshops and serminars

Integrated Power Project Development

Geometric Power is a developer and investor in sustainable power projects that make economic and environmental sense and at the same time have positive socio-economic impact within the community. We are not just interested in generating the power, but we want to ensure that reliable, stable, affordable electricity is delivered to our customers. Thus the Geometric Power model is the Integrated Power Project (IPP) approach where in addition to generating the power, we also invest in the reinforcement of the associated distribution network.


The Aba Integrated Power Project epitomizes the Geometric Power model. The Project consists of the design, construction, ownership and operation of a 188 MW in phase I of a two phase 1000MW capacity gas-fired open-cycle power plant. It also has an associated distribution network that will serve unregulated customers, and as well as a purpose built gas pipeline to serve the power plant.


Operation and Maintenance

Geometric Power provides complete Operation and Maintenance services for power plants. These services include:

  • ¬†Operating and maintaining the power plant on 24X7 basis through qualified and skilled manpower.
  • Guarantee on Plant O&M
  • Implementation of Health, Safety, Environmental and Emergency (HSEE) Procedures.
  • Preparing and implementing Site Operating Procedures(SOP)
  • Plant performance and efficiency enhancements.
  • O&M Budget preparation
  • Training for staff of power plants
  • Commissioning


Advisory Services

Geometric Power provides all advisory services in the power industry, from the development phase to commissioning of the station. These include technical and commercial viability studies, technical due diligence, plant insurance survey, plant performance testing, plant enhancements studies and implementation of best operating practices, project financial modelling, tariff planning and analysis, advisory Services in power project bid preparation, preparation of project agreements, design & engineering of the plant for development phase, preparation of RFP and technical specifications for Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) bidding and EPC negotiations, preparation of RFP, review, negotiation and finalization project agreements.



The success of any organization depends largely on the caliber of its work force, therefore, at Geometric Power we believe in human asset development hence we organize scheduled capacity building sessions. These sessions which take place at Geometric Power Village, Osisioma are open to individuals and corporate organizations interested in professional capacity building.


Resource persons during capacity building sessions are drawn from reputable Organizations and Institutions from around the world.

Workshops And Seminars


We periodically organize workshops and seminars to up skill and tune-up senior and middle management manpower for optimal productivity.