Geometric Power seeks to recruit individuals who are Innovative, Socially Responsible, Professionals, Reliable, dynamic, high ethical standards, have speed and a passion to deliver on results; vibrant individuals who have a “no” excuse culture and are forward learning.

GP hires only employees with the greatest potential to fit into the Company’s vision, business strategy, corporate culture and brand identity and also recruits only persons that meet the basic minimum qualification as defined for a job position or grade at any given point in time.

In line with best corporate practice, GP is an Equal Opportunities Employer (EOE). Therefore, the recruitment process shall ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic origin, and state/country of origin, religion, political ideology, sex or non-disqualifying physical disability.

If you’d like to be a part of an organization equally committed to both internal and external stakeholders, contact us and join a team that shares your vision.
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Geometric Power Person

Are you an InSPIReD person?

Would you like to work in an equal opportunity environment?

The Geometric Power Person is an individual who shares the Company’s values of excellence and the highest ethical standards in all that they do.

Excellent problem solving skills are a key quality of the Geometric Power Person, who is able to work under pressure while maintaining the Company’s standards of excellence at all times. This person is able to anticipate problems and find solutions for them in the shortest possible time.

At Geometric Power, we work as a team. The Geometric Power Person is a team player who is able to contribute positively to the overall growth of the Company. This individual also possesses strong interpersonal skills, is articulate and presentable and is able to work well with colleagues and present the Company positively to clients and other stakeholders.

If you possess the qualities of the Geometric Person and would like to join us please click here to fill our online application form and we will get back to you

Careers – Why Choose Us?

Geometric Power is a people oriented company. Each employee belongs to the ‘GP Family’, which refers to the warmth and respect each person accords to fellow colleagues.

There are no unnecessary bureaucratic bottlenecks, which impede workflow and processes. The Company provides tools necessary for the execution of any assignment and individuals are duly guided through all procedures, which are necessary for effective and timely completion of jobs. All our work processes are enhanced with full deployment of Information Technology.

GP is an organization for every one. Staff come from varied educational and cultural backgrounds bringing with them a wealth of experience and this encourages a continuous social learning from mixing and inter-cultural interaction.

Prospective candidates who wish to seek employment in Geometric Power must fulfil the following criteria:

Minimum educational requirement for all senior level job positions shall be a Degree or HND from a recognized University in the related discipline as indicated on the relevant job descriptions.
Applicants must also possess a minimum of five (5) “O” Level /SSCE credits verifiable at the WAEC office by HRD or its equivalent from recognized institutions abroad.
In addition, applicants for senior positions must have either completed the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC) prior to employment consideration or within 24 months after employment if relocating from abroad. Applicants exempted from participating in the NYSC scheme shall be required to produce evidence of such exemptions.
Possession of a Master’s degree and/or industry and function relevant professional qualification in addition to the minimum requirement could be an added advantage must be a Nigerian or have the necessary work permits, if not a Nigeria Citizen

To become a member of the GP Family, a potential employee will have to go through the following procedure:


  • Send your resume in doc or pdf format to
  • Attend a Psychometric Testing session (Entry Level)


Please note that ONLY those who were successful at all levels of our recruitment process will qualify for employment, provided there are suitable openings.