Community Town Hall Meeting on GP-OMA IPP Project

The Town Hall meeting event was introduced to the delegates enunciating the good intentions of the Management of GEOMETRIC POWER LIMITED (GP), the first indigenous power developing firm, for a proposed GP-OMA Power project to be sited on the land located in Ogwe Asaa, Ogwe Autonomous Community of Ukwa West Local Government Area of Abia State. The event which was witnessed by Federal and State Ministry of Environment was sponsored and coordinated by Management of GP-OMA Power.


Mr. Nate Obijiofor (standing in the above picture), Aba GM and Project Team Representative presented technical capacity, modus operandi and various stages to be involved in first single circle installations and later combined circle features for the power plant project. In the power point projection beamed for the crowd to marvel at, he showed the management of GP-OMA project, the EPC contractors and enticed the crowd with GP-OMA/community relationships’ benefits that would result from the project.






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