GP Work Commencement (Arrival of Turbines)

Turbines arriving at GP Power Plant

We here at Geometric Power Limited are extremely proud and delighted to announce the arrival of the much anticipated turbines at our power plant facility in Aba.

This monumentous occassion exemplifies years of hard, determined and dogged work by members of the GP team and countless others. We are excited and full of anticipation about the commencement of work ahead and look forward to sharing our journey with you through this blog. 

Continue to stay tuned for timely status updates as we progress.

Road to GP power plant prior to construction/repair:

Constant flooding and deep ditches made the road to GP power plant extremely daunting for equipment and supplies to be able to pass through. 

Road to GP power plant post construction/repair:

After much needed repairs and construction the road has now been transformed, allowing for greatly increased ease of passage. 

Arrival of Turbines to GP power plant!!

A truly monumentous and amazing sight to see the final arrival of the turbines at our GP power plant facility in Aba.

Installation of Turbines…

Equally as exciting is the installation of the turbines by GP’s expert engineering team. It was truly a sight to behold as the turbines were expertly fitted into their new home.